Cats and their addiction to cat trees

Cat trees give cats the freedom to move about and make themselves at home. This is especially the case for cats which are scared about human beings and other moving creatures. It gives them a sense of security and safety to be perched on a tree and view the surroundings. This is why cat trees play a special role in helping you bond with your cat. This is also the case if you have more than one cat which is breeding inside your house.

Horizontal and Vertical

The world that we live in is horizontal in nature and cats aren’t necessary limited to this aspect of living. In fact, cats prefer to use both horizontal as well as vertical manner of living depending on the object at hand. For comfort, safety and fun, cats will reply on the vertical areas and this is not something that you will be able to provide without taking appropriate measures. If you live with multiple cats, a vertical territory will help you keep the household a happy place and one best and easy way to do this is with the help of a cheap kitty condo.

Claiming their territory

When there is more than one cat that are living in the house the friction between these cats tend to increase as their count also increases. However this can be avoided with the help of cat trees. The tree helps the cats to claim their territory by higher status cats claiming the highest perch. When there are two cats which are in a tense relationship, the ability of the cat which is able to reach the high perch will prove that he or she is in charge. Thus many tense stand-offs and physical confrontations can be avoided when vertical territory is used.

Timed Cats

When there is a timid cat’s presence in the house, a cat tree will serve as a safe place for the cat to hang out at, serving as a secure place to stay out in the open. As the cat will have a better view of its surroundings at an elevated perch, it will have more time to avoid any advancing dangers and stay away from trouble. Moreover, this location on the elevated location also ensures that he can’t be ambushed from behind. Hence cat trees are ideal for cats which tend to run and hide under the bed for safety. Placing a cat tree that has an A-framed on it to entice him to be in the room rather than run in the presence of family and guests.

The use of cat tree also gives the cats a sense of closeness which still allows them to maintain their personal space. In fact cat trees are also best suited for cats which are not willing to share the table of windowsill to other cats due to the closeness it causes. The cats will be able to share a close space and at the same time stick to their perching order.

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